Full Scrap Metal Processing
* We provide transportation services with our own equipment.
* We provide various sizes of roll-off containers ranging from 20 yards to 60 yards.  We will custom build containers to meet your specific needs.

* We will give you necessary containers and handling equipment for indoor storage of valuable metals stacking.
* Dump Hoppers                       * Stacking Steel Storage Boxes
* Gaylord Boxes                       *  Pallets

We have the equipment to process scrap efficiently
* Balers to consolidate material for shipment.  Condensing material provides greater density and maximum loads thereby reducing freight cost.
* We incorporate sheers and plasma cutting systems to prepare material to mill specifications.
* Magnetic or non-magnetic material is handled efficiently with a grapple or magnetic lifting crane.
* Our x-ray fluorescent analyzer insures quality and a correct analysis for the best market available.